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“OOOOk-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain, And the wavin’ wheat can sure smell sweet..”

Don’t you love that song?  That’s all I know, then something about corn and an elephant’s eye.   That’s where I was born, but since we moved to Illinois when I was a little lass of three, I never got to find out what happened to the elephant.  My amazing and strong Christian family stayed a bit longer this time, south of ole’ Chicago and then packed up and headed to Pittsburgh (worst possible timing my freshman year in High School as I was the star center forward for our soccer team — never mind that we only won one game, cough cough).

I came south for College (Milligan College in East TN to be exact) to follow in my Mother’s footsteps, and then landed in just north of Music City, YEEE HAW (although I’m still waiting to meet some famous musicians, where in the world are you?)

I love the wonderful seasons, the fantastic music and can’t ever get enough of southern hospitality. Being a complete goofball with my girls is what brings me the most laughter; reading is a serious passion, and when it finally warms up, I plan to enjoy plenty of fun in the sun, and later from SEC football. I tinker around with the piano and artsy stuff when I’m not trying to be a supermom or domestic warlord; I’m commonly told I’m a mac geek, but after time served the agency world, I’m a free agent (graphic design/advertising) so the geek thing is big cup of “just fine with moi.”


Passions include Christian apologetics, Creationism, being a devoted mom and issues young women face in our changing society (image pressures in particular). I’m enthusiastic about concepting and sharing new ideas; and anytime I’m creating, I feel most alive and free. Now that I’m carving out 
a new life with God’s help, I’m striving to connect with others with similar goals and interests in a dream to fulfill my greatest glory for His Service. Thanks for visiting!

Visit me at increasingthecontrast.wordpress.com

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