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START, by Jon Acuff:

Who doesn’t want a life of AWESOME?

START, by Jon Acuff — This little gem helped motivate me to pop out of bed to begin my little Trusting for Peace website at 3 am just after finishing the last page.   It’s cram-packed with inspiration and unique perspectives, and has a wonderfully engaging, conversational style.  

This author is inviting and enthusiastic, comes off in print like a friend you had once in college, and everything he says seems relevant to those of us who work in the real world. Its an eye-opening, encouraging read, offering plenty of laugh-out-loud humor along the way. For me, it was a reminder that its great if you have 4 million ideas, but you have to pick something and take action, even without the knowledge or clarity you wanted that it is the best idea of the bunch.

He makes it sink in that putting a player on the board in reality is always better than remaining a spectator; he shows how planting that flag becomes a platform for building momentum and excitement that is otherwise sealed behind a wall of fear and negative voices.

So, if I didn’t “punch fear in the face” thanks to his advice, I gave him a nice, healthy SMACK.
Thanks, Jon!




My favorite book from my favorite author’s body of work. It’s a wonderful exploration of the Christian faith explained from the viewpoint of an outsider who’s using reason alone to discover truth. Originally a radio broadcast during WWII time, its conversational style seats you across the room with one of Christianity’s greatest thinkers. Be ready for a new level of clarity and understanding (if you’re a person who likes that sort of thing). Get Book


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Gain a new understanding of  motivations behind most of your own actions in life and determine whether your faith is planted where you had thought or with a powerless imposter. See the world through the lens of the human need for justification and meaning, and learn to hope with a certainty backed by thousands of fulfilled promises. Get Book

RadicalCoverRADICAL, David Platt

This book is a wake-up call that keeps ringing and a reminder to embrace the entire gospel instead of selecting the pieces and parts that are palatable and chucking the rest. Be more aware of the world and become convicted about your role in the great commission and in giving sacrificially to meet the actual needs of a dying world. Every Christian should read this book.  Get Book

WhyJesusWHY JESUS?, Ravi Zacharias

What is so unique about the Christian claim in comparison to other world religions?  What is exactly is at the base of “the new Spiritualism” when you peel back its layers, and how does understanding it’s growing influence impact our ability to share the gospel of Jesus Christ? Get Book

MeWantTHE ME I WANT TO BE, John Ortberg

Are you growing more excited about your life or more discouraged with each passing day?  This book examines our personal need for growth and helps us find ways to connect with your best life. If you are doing what makes you come alive, you are in step with God’s design. If not, learn effective and purpose-led ways to get there. Get Book

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