My Journey


Hi, I’m Kathleen

I’m a single mom who lives and works in Nashville, TN with my two amazing daughters. Two years ago some events in my life placed me on a journey from fear to faith that has changed me forever. I realize looking back that although I had been a Christian most of my life, I had slipped into the pool of “luke-warm” water unknowingly, and although I thought I had God in His rightful number one spot, I was woefully mistaken. As a result, when trust was broken in my relationship and circumstances crashed around me, my foundation of sand washed away, and I became a slave to fear. 
It’s paralyzing grip flat-lined my personality, sucked my joy like a Dyson, and welded my peace behind an iron vault.

Thankfully, God used the worst valley of my life to shake me up dripping out of that pool into a new kind of relationship — this time built on the solid rock of his steadfast faithfulness and love, and its been more vivid and amazing than I could have imagined. Now, even in the most uncertain time in my life, I have peace. Not just a little peace — AMAZING, mind-blowing peace. Peace that “passes understanding”.

The fear is gone. GONE.

That is part of the inspiration for this blog, and just a few days ago it prompted me to build, write, and share that testimony on a new site, I will be sharing more of my story in these pages in the coming weeks.  If you can, stop by my other new sprouting young blog,

I hope you will visit again and in the meantime, thanks for reading and God Bless!

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